ISCLR Conference 2021, Tarragona (Spain)

A review of the ISCLR 2021 conference by Diane A. Rodgers.

A review of the ISCLR 2021 conference in Catalan by Emili Samper and Carme Oriol (and a second one here).

Here are screenshots of the Zoom conference of ISCLR 2021 (Monday, June 28).

Screenshot of Zoom session, Monday, June 28, 2021
Of course, interfering animals and the showing of cats and dogs on screen is a good zoom conference custom (screenshot by Ben Radford)

Four screenshots from Tuesday, June 29:

Screenshots from Wednesday, June 30:

Slideshow by Daria Radchenko
Emili Samper takes us on a virtual tour through Tarragona
Tom Mould’s presentation on memes, counter memes and anti-legends on welfare and poverty
Here’s Mould’s venn diagram on memes, counter memes and anti-legends
Still from a video on collecting and categorizing monsters by David Puglia

The full video by David Puglia:

Screenshots from Thursday, July 1:

Ghostlore in the Pokemon tales (Marta Pavelková)
Rübezahl may have inspired Tolkien in his creation of Gandalf (Jan Pohunek)
Emili Samper shows us some excellent Catalan food. Here: fuet.
Amabie, a traditional Japanese mermaid, is protecting the people against corona (Gunnella Thorgeirsdottir)
Daisy Ahlstone on the legendary, extinct Tasmanian Tiger and pieces of art
Teo Rogers on ancient astronauts and condescending (post-)colonial thinking
Ian Brodie on the academic course he developed about ‘fake news’
All Apocalypses ever predicted never happened. But don’t despair: 2021 will have a new End of the World, and after that many more will follow (Dan Compora)
Gail de Vos on local legends about the Golden Spruce and the White Raven

Screenshots from Friday, July 2:

Petr Janacek on the folktale of the parents killing their own, not recognized son
Aurore van de Winkel: the Notre Dame on fire and the cross that did not burn
Eda Kalmre on the fear of premature burying
Theo Meder on the Nigerian Scam 2.0
Carme Oriol and Emili Samper on the founder of the Catalan university
Thank you, Emili and Carme!

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