Perspectives on Contemporary Legend

Perspectives on Contemporary Legend, the Meeting of the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research, is held annually, historically alternating between North America in odd-numbered years and Europe in even – the Corona crisis in 2020 turned this upside down: North America in even years, Europe in odd ones. It is a small, convivial conference of scholars working on this dynamic field of inquiry.

Upcoming meetings

Past meetings

  • 2021 Tarragona, Spain, 28 June -2 July (online) (Program, Abstracts, Website and Review)
  • 2020: skipped, due to COVID-19
  • 2019: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
  • 2018: Brussels, Belgium
  • 2017: Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
  • 2016: Tallinn, Estonia
  • 2015: San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • 2014: Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2013: Lexington, Kentucky, USA
  • 2012: Göttingen, Germany
  • 2011: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
  • 2010: Amsterdam, Holland
  • 2009: Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • 2008: Dublin, Ireland
  • 2007: Logan, Utah, USA
  • 2006: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2005: Athens, Georgia, USA
  • 2004: Aberystwyth, Wales, UK
  • 2003: Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada
  • 2002: Sheffield, UK
  • 2001: San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • 2000: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


    • Hi Andrea. As you may have noticed by now, the 2019 conference in Tarragona had to be skipped due to COVID-19. The conference will now be held from June 28 to July 2. However, the meeting will be held online using Zoom because of Corona. If you are already a member of ISCLR for 2021, the conference costs will be low: 12 USD (which also allows you to view the recorded presentations at a later date).

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