1. Payments for permission to reprint articles from Contemporary Legend ($100) are split equally between ISCLR ($50) and the author ($50).

2. ISCLR Casebooks. There is no payment fee to ISCLR for use of articles originally printed in Contemporary Legend. The $50 payment to the author must still be made. However, the author may decide to forgo that payment. Therefore, an editor of a Casebook reprinting the editor’s own article need not make any permission payment. (10/20/16)

3. Votes on a conference venue should be taken on the same side of the Atlantic as the conference will take place. (2018)

4. Conference expenses. Conferences are expected to cover their own expenses through registration fees and outside subsidies. However, when that fails, the Treasurer may contribute $500 US to cover the debt without having to consult the executive council.

5. McConnell Book Award. Books in any way sponsored by ISCLR, such as Casebooks and a book developed from an issue of Contemporary Legend, will not be eligible for the McConnell Book Award. (7/2/21) [under review]

6. Dr. David Buchan Student Essay Prize. The prize will not be awarded when there are fewer than four papers under consideration [under review]

7. Authors in Contemporary Legend are responsible for all permission fees. However, the Executive Council, in special circumstances, may direct the Treasurer to reimburse the author. (July 7, 2021)

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