The Linda Dégh Lifetime Achievement Award

At ISCLR’s annual general meeting in Prague in the summer of 2014, the membership voted to establish this new award for lifetime achievement. After Dr. Linda Dégh passed away later that summer, the executive council voted to honor her memory by making her name part of the award’s title. Starting in the summer of 2015, the award will be given to a living senior scholar who has made outstanding contributions to legend scholarship. The award includes a gift and a permanent page of ISCLR’s website devoted to the awardee’s accomplishments.



Dr. Sandy Hobbs (Award Justification)

Dr. Elissa R. Henken (Award Justification)


Dr. Janet L. Langlois (Award Justification)

Dr. Patricia A. Turner (Award Justification)


Dr. Diane E. Goldstein (Award Justification)

Dr. Gary Alan Fine (Award Justification)


Dr. Véronique Campion-Vincent  (Award Justification)

Dr. Jan Harold Brunvand  (Award Justification)


Dr. Bill Ellis  (Award Justification)


Dr. Gillian Bennett  (Award Justification)

Dr. Paul Smith  (Award Justification)

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