I just heard the weirdest thing…

Contemporary (“urban”) legends are one of the most pervasive forms of folklore in active circulation, but they are far from a modern phenomenon. The same processes of using narrative to communicate and negotiate anomalous experiences can be traced back thousands of years. Contemporary legends are contemporary to the teller and audience, not solely to the scholar. And what had been thought of as purely local narratives were found to exist in multiple manifestations throughout the world.

In order to gain a better understanding of the dynamics and function of these “contemporary” genres, scholars have recognized the need for worldwide links among legend and rumor scholars. The International Society for Contemporary Legend Research (ISCLR) encourages study of so-called “modern” and “urban” legends, and also of any legend that circulates actively. Members are especially concerned with ways in which legends merge with life: real-life analogs to legend plots, social crusades that use legends or legend-like horror stories, and search for evidence behind claims of alien abductions and mystery cats. We invite all who have an interest in these areas to join us.

Subscribers get the annual peer-reviewed ISCLR journal, Contemporary Legend.

To join please click here.


  1. I hate to be the guy that says your wrong on this but you are wrong, when i was 6 years old we had a guy putting razor blades in candy bars he would snap them up and insert them into the candy bars, i live in Lowell, mass. and i can attest to have it happening to my friend who was 6, ate one the tainted candy bars that guy put them in, he cut the lining of his throat and stomach he barely survived, so i can say without doubt that for me at least this is NOT urban legend about someone doing things to candies on Halloween…

    ALWAYS check your children candies, i am 43 years of age and my friend went in for surgery 3 times to fix what that sicko did to him, lucky for us they caught the guy i was 5 years old when i saw it happen in FRONT of me…

    • i am sorry if my typing isnt in contextual and i messed up on are ages and sexs even sighs this is what i get for typing when i read about this on twitter about from pixel;, she led me here to share my store thru a link to this website, and i just wanted to say its not urban legend when it happens to your friends

  2. I am curious if anyone had heard of the Harp brothers & the local tales of a haunted Ridge in Roane County, Kingston, Tennessee that was and is said to be haunted by a headless man. This Ridge is directly next to the Bradbury Community and the location where the Harps killed a man, Mr. Bradbury.

  3. Hi Everyone, Filmmaker Josh Zeman here (CROPSEY, KILLER LEGENDS) am looking for collaborators for an upcoming podcast about technology-based urban legends — from digital boogymen to moral panics about A.I., simulations, and the like.

    I can be reached at 646-729-9881 or josh.zeman@gmail.com

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