Elissa Henken: ISCLR News

Dear friends of ISCLR, 

I have several things to report to you from this summer, some of which you may already know but which I thought should be announced to those who missed any of the news. 

Our annual conference, hosted from Tarragona by Carmen Oriol and Emili Samper and online by Theo Meder, was excellent and would have been improved only by our being there together in person. 

The Brian McConnell Book Award was presented to Tom MouldOverthrowing the Queen:  Telling Stories of Welfare in America

The Linda Dégh Lifetime Achievement Award for Legend Scholarship was presented to Janet Langlois and Patricia A. Turner

Contemporary Legend.  The membership voted to make CL an online, open access journal, which might take place in about a year. 

FOAFTale News has been discontinued as a newsletter but has become a blog on the ISCLR website.  

Webinar.  ISCLR held its first webinar:  Theo Meder on conspirituality.  We are eager to hold more webinars and welcome suggestions. 

Meetings:  The 2022 conference is planned for Ottawa, Canada.  The 2023 one is planned for Worcester or Sheffield, England. 

Secretary:  I stepped down as ISCLR secretary, and Virginia Siegel was elected to the position.  The transition has taken a while, but it is now time for Virginia to assume her duties.  After September 1, please contact her (vdsiegel@uark.edu) with any concerns about membership or other ISCLR matters. 

I have been proud and honored to serve as your ISCLR secretary, doing my best to serve both the organization and the individuals in it honorably, usefully, and thoughtfully.  I am grateful that I could help in any ways I did, and I thank those who have trusted me over the years. 

Your colleague, 


Elissa R. Henken 

Executive Council 2021 

President:  Theo Meder (2023), Theo.Meder@meertens.knaw.nl 

President Elect:  Ian Brodie (2023), ian_brodie@cbu.ca  

Past President: Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby (2023), j.rouhier@uky.edu

Treasurer:  Daniel P. Compora (2024), daniel.compora@utoledo.edu   

Secretary:  Virginia Siegel (2024), vdsiegel@uark.edu   

Member at Large, European: David Clarke (2024), david.clarke@shu.ac.uk   

Member at Large, European:  Petr Janeček (2022), petr.janecek@ff.cuni.cz   

Member at Large, North American:  Carolyn Ware (2024), cware1@lsu.edu   

Member at Large, North American:  Gail de Vos (2022), gail.devos@gmail.com

Member at Large, Early Career Scholar, European:  Marina Baiduzh (2024), amentie@gmail.com

Member at Large, Early Career Scholar, North American:  David J. Puglia (2022), davidjpuglia@gmail.com  

Editors, Contemporary Legend: Ian Brodie, ian_brodie@cbu.ca; Andrea Kitta, kittaa@ecu.edu  

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